Gorillas In The Mist

In Development

We've been working on creating puppets for a new stage adaptation of Gorillas in the Mist, combining detailed and minutely-observed animal puppetry with the story of the Karisoke Research Park.

We've been working with The Jim Henson Company and Ryan Hugh Mackey Productions to develop early prototypes of the puppets to help understand how they might work on stage. Aspects of the story are known to millions from Dian Fossey's book Gorillas in the Mist, the film adaptation written by Anna Hamilton Phelan and directed by Michael Apted, and countless articles about Fossey's pioneering work with mountain gorillas in Rwanda and her death.

We're at an early stage of developing this new version. Images here are of sketch prototype puppets used in development workshops in London and New York at the Jim Henson Company studio.