My Neighbour Totoro

For Joe Hisaishi and the RSC at the Barbican

We're delighted to be one of two puppet making companies who've collaborated with Basil Twist on this incredible production at the Barbican.

Puppets for My Neighbour Totoro are designed by Basil Twist and made by the Jim Henson Creature Shop and Significant Object.

The production is directed by Phelim McDermott of Improbable Theatre and designed by Tom Pye.

My Neighbour Totoro has had a swathe of 5* reviews and sold out for the entire run at the Barbican within days of opening. A limited number of day seats are released each morning.

We've worked with an incredible puppet making team including Alan Bartlett, Emily Brooks, Katy Clare Brooks, Fergus Dunnett, Tayte Ewen, Helen Foan, Tilly Jean, Maia Kirkman-Richards, Jo Lakin, Gretchen Maynard-Hahn, Liberty Mann, Mervyn Millar, Ming Wai Ma, Julie Atlas Muz, Mikayla Teodoro, Tracy Waller, and Georgie White, and in partnership with the makers from the Jim Henson Creature Shop in Los Angeles, who we are proud to call our friends and colleagues.

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