A new opera for 12-24 month olds by Lliam Paterson

Produced by Scottish Opera

We loved designing and making the puppets for this delightful new opera by Lliam Paterson, directed by Roxana Haines and designed by Giuseppe and Emma Belli.

Performed by two musicians and two singers, Fox-Tot! is an adventure for 12-24month olds and their parents, through baroque opera. Follow our little Fox as he explores what it is to feel his own body and see the world. Fox reluctantly separates from his mother and tries to experience the world as a cat, frog and butterfly.

You can get information on forthcoming Fox-Tot! dates here at the Scottish Opera site.

The puppets were designed by Mervyn Millar and made by Tracy Waller, Mervyn Millar and David Young.

The performers are Daniel Keating-Roberts (countertenor), Katie Grosset (mezzo-soprano), Laura Sergeant (cello and toy piano), Michael D Clark (percussion).

Press on Fox-Tot!:

'Scottish Opera hits the right note in second opera for kids.. wonderful performers.. Lliam Paterson's original score is glorious.. never once condescending, but always gently challenging' - Lucy Ribchester, The List * * * * *
'A world filled with vibrancy and sound… simple yet fun.' - Kelly Apter, The Scotsman * * * *
The Herald, Broadway Baby * * * *