The Hatchling

The Hatchling is a ground-breaking outdoor theatrical performance that unfolded over a weekend of events and reached an extraordinary finale over the coast of Plymouth on the 28th and 29th August 2021. The idea was conceived by Angie Bual of Trigger and developed over six years with director and puppetry specialist Mervyn Millar of Significant Object, and designer Carl Robertshaw.

Our beautiful visitor hatched in the city and explored the streets, growing to the size of a double decker bus. As she roamed across the city, improvising detailed puppetry for over 15 hours, she encountered a series of events from community performers, prepared especially for her visit.

At the end of her journey, the Hatchling underwent a metamorphosis, unfurled 20 metres worth of wingspan, and took off over the sea at sunset! We believe she is the world’s largest non-mechanised puppet, a unique creation and the first to attempt flight.

The Hatchling was a spectacular adventure featuring a cast of 36 puppeteers and dozens of kiters.

The Hatchling is conceived and created by Angie Bual, Mervyn Millar, and Carl Robertshaw.

The Hatchling will be staged again in Wakefield in 2024.

Suitable for major festivals - for more information please contact Angie Bual at Trigger or visit The Hatchling website

There is a terrific blog by Merle Patchett of the University of Bristol, who observed several stages in the development of the project across 5 years, which you can find here.

The Hatchling was seen in 2022 as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Follow the Hatchling at @HatchlingUK on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The Hatchling cast of puppeteers was:
Charley Bartlett, Jemima Beauchamp, Philip Bertioli, Laura Doble, Heidi Dörschler, Claire Duttson, Poppy Franziska, Sean Garratt, Ben Gilbert, Savanah Grilaj, Bertie Harris, Jessica Hinds, Victoria Horan, Michael Jean-Marain, Lucy Kean, Toria Lester, Jamie Lee-Morgan, Amelie Leroy, Nyron Levy, Chris Milford, Amber Rose Perry, Larissa Pinkham, Natalie Powell, Connor Reed, Kate Rowsell, Andy Simpson, Tricia Stubberfield, Duncan Taylor, Lisa Truscott, Peter Twose, Laura Vickery, Lily Walbeoffe, Nix Wood, Ryan Woodcock, and Adam Yeomans.

The Kiters were directed by Stephen Hoath: Chris Acraman, Bryan Beasley, Andrew Beattie, Peter Bindon, Sarah Bindon, Amy Burton-Smith, Anthony Cartwright, Bob Cruikshanks, David Ellison, Mark Ellison, Chris Goff, Craig Harby, Jamie Henderson, Daniel Hoath, Matt Jones, Sue Kennedy, Stephen Matchett, Chris Matheson, Ashley Motram, Helene Morgan, Paul Morgan, Alan Pinnock, Guy Reynolds, Helen Ribchester, James Robertshaw, Timothy Rohn, and Will Staniaszek.